CR official reappointed as Chairman of CHINA RAILWAY Express joint working group

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  The fifth meeting of CHINA RAILWAY Express joint working group was held in Poland on September 25. National railway companies of China, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland, Russia and other countries reached broad consensus on further deepening the cooperation on CHINA RAILWAY Express and improving the service quality with many outcomes accomplished. Deputy General Manager of CHINA RAILWAY Li Wenxin was unanimously elected as the Chairman of the joint working group for a term of two years, a second time for CR official to serve as the Chairman.

  CHINA RAILWAY Express is known as a “steel camel fleet” on the Silk Road. As the Belt and Road Initiative is more comprehensively implemented, the CR Express has gained more and more favor of transport operators and companies and presented huge market potential. This meeting indicated that the joint working mechanism proposed and established by CHINA RAILWAY is widely acknowledged by relevant parties and will definitely contribute to pushing the quality of CR Express to a higher level and better serving the BRI implementation.